Where to find us?

Ketogenic Ingredients (KI) is a brand of Lus Health Ingredients, based in the Netherlands.

Our visiting adress:


Markt 18
3142 GG
The Netherlands

Lotte Damen: +316 121 47 558
René van Hoorn: +316 362 81 037


Parking information:

Our office is located in the heart of the old center of the city Maassluis. We recommend parking at the Fenacoliusplein 6, 3143 AG Maassluis, which is free and also has charging available may you need this.

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At Ketogenic Ingredients, we believe in the Ketogenic diet because it works, because we have tried it ourselves, because of the results we have seen. We are here to serve you with our line of winning ingredients & private labels options and look forward to work with you! Having great knowledge of the keto business and the science, we guide you throughout the process.