The Rising Trend of A Keto Meal Shake for Health and Weight Loss

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The food supplement & diet industry is constantly evolving and keto meal shakes seem to be the new thing. Within these markets, the end consumer is the driving factor behind new product developments. Interesting things are happening in these COVID-iniated lockdown times. Not only are consumers more health-conscious than ever & looking for convenience, they are also expecting a highest quality standard for products. For diet & supplement companies, this trend towards convenience & clean labelling opens up many opportunities when it comes to launching new products.

One of the product trends that has an interesting growth curve, are meal (replacement) shakes. A supplement that helps the consumer lose (or maintain) weight, save time, renew energy levels and optimize overall nutritional needs.

Traditional meal replacement shakes

The market for meal replacement shakes has expanded in popularity over the last ten years. The amount of brands offering meal shakes has grown, through the market is dominated by a few large companies. Some brands focus purely on (quick) weight loss while others focus on building muscle or simply getting the right nutrients.

All with one similar main purpose: to be able to replace a meal with a healthier option than conventional snacks and achieve a certain level of convenience.

What the Early Majority consumer wants!

Meal replacement products can be categorized into different product types: ready-to-drink liquids, nutritional bars, and different powdered (shake) products. The rising demand for convenience and on-the-go nutrition is linked to the hectic lifestyles of people and mostly to that of Millennials. Research data shows that a growing number of consumers (and especially Early Majority) move towards timesaving meals and snacks, portraying an increasing demand for meal replacement products.

Our own research is showing that one dominant factor is changing the health food market and that is: the consumer’s approach to diet and sustainability.

We see 2 important trends in this area:

  • A craving for whole food (vegan) nutritional options with functional ingredients. There is little interest in highly processed products or animal-based ingredients. Unfortunately, the Meal (Replacement) Shake Market is a market where ingredients such as Sucralose, maltodextrin, high linoleic acid oils, dairy-based powders, artificial thickeners and preservatives are more the rule than the exception.
  • In addition, the number of individuals following a low-carb or a keto diet is growing. These approaches have become so popular in North America and now also in Europe, that the keto supplement market is booming. Companies and manufacturers respond to this by converting standard high-sugar products into low-carb and keto versions and developing new formulations to fulfill the needs of this new consumer type.
In other words: among end consumers, there is a quest for whole food alternatives to current highly processed diet & meal shakes. And we, as an ingredient and Private Label supplier, can help you to capture this market.

Right time to tap into this market

The market for instant meal shakes has become an exciting field of innovation with many opportunities. A market that offers new exciting products for end consumers to suit a wide variety of individual health needs and deliver ultimate convenience for people on a (keto) diet. To offer easy-to-understand breakdowns of ingredients without needing to compromise on important nutrients. Are you ready to serve your customers too and make proper nutrition a breeze rather than a hassle?

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