MCT Keto Bars

MCT Keto Bars – Customizable for you

We bring you our MCT Keto Bars that are high in healthy fats, low in carbs and contain only functional vegan ingredients. This clean & healthy snack is a perfect fit for consumers following a ketogenic, low-carb and low-sugar diet looking for a convenient on-the-go snack that is deliciously tasting. 

Keto-proof convenience empowered by coconut-based MCTs!

One MCT Keto Bar of 50 grams contains a minimum of 15 grams fat , with at least 5 grams palm-free MCTs for that sugar-free energy boost!

The hard work has been done: we have developed the fat dough that gives the right texture, and the right protein, carb and fat content. With cacao butter & powder, almond or peanut butter, vegan proteins, and MCTs as the base. Allowing you to either add your own stamp to it with your preferred flavor and extra ingredients or buy our off-the-shelf bars (different natural flavors available, ask us about the options).

New in our offering are bars with toppings. With the toppings like nuts & crips bars will have the same nutrition but a different look & feel. Samples available!

Keto proof snacking made easy

Finding a bar with the right ingredients, texture, taste, and price for your keto & low-carb range can be a challenge. We have been there, yet we made one that (we believe) ticks all the boxes! Our MCT Keto Bar gives consumers the experience they are looking for: a delicious convenient snack on the go that will not spike their insulin or blood sugar levels but gives them the long-lasting energy they need from MCTs.

With no animal-based ingredients, and no unnecessary preservatives or sugar this bar will be a hot with your customers. Just healthy fats from MCTs, cacao & nuts, plant-based proteins, fibers, stevia, and a natural flavouring.


The bars are currently available in 2 different dimensions in your choice of foil flowpacks with or without a (display) box. Together with our manufacturing & co-packing partner, you can work on your fully-designed preferred type of packaging.

Nutritional profile per bar (in gram):

    Example flavors & ideas

    Ask us about the possibilities for your flavor idea!

    Toffee Nougat

    Peanut butter

    Coconut topping





    Characteristics of our MCT Keto Bars


    100% vegan, non-GMO, and free from maltodextrin, gluten & palm


    Only functional plant-based ingredients


    Available with our C8C10 or C8 Veganergy® & PalmFree MCT™


    Low in net carbs per bar, high in vegan protein


    Currently available in 2 different dimensions of 50g


    No unwanted insulin or blood sugar spikes


    10% of the bar for your preferred flavor or additional ingredients


    Vegan, Low-Carb, Keto & Paleo friendly

    Keto diet bar market & convenience

    The group of end consumers that becomes more critical about what they eat and buy, grows. They make conscious decisions with the products they choose, focused on health and sustainability. Within the keto diet market, there is a growing demand for keto proof and convenience products now that keto is moving from Early Adopters to Early Majority. In the USA, keto bars with MCTs are already well-known. Although the European market is growing, it seems that this snack has not touched ground yet. Or you find products that are called keto friendly yet contain unwanted ingredients. With this MCT Keto Bar you can be one of the first to capture the market growth in Europe.

    The requests for a wider range of keto products have become apparent. We at Ketogenic Ingredients aim to make the ketogenic diet fun, effective, delicious, and easy to follow. Keto proof snacking has never been so easy with our MCT Keto Bars.

    What end consumers say about our

    MCT Keto Bars

    I love the chewiness of this bar. You don’t find this in a lot of bars without being also sticky. It was really good but I would have liked a bigger bar!


    Keto runner

    I absolutely loved the taste and texture. It reminded me of a fudgey brownie but not too sweet. The texture was one of the best features. I wear a CGM and 1.5h after eating half the bar it had no impact on my blood sugar and zero tummy issues. I just ate the other half after lunch as a dessert.


    Type 1 Diabetes

    I love these bars with the toppings. It really feels more natural to me and the crunch on the first bite. I love it !



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