Ketogenic Ingredients is here to serve the keto space!

Ketogenics Ingredients - the team

Welcome to Ketogenic Ingredients! A new brand of Lus Health Ingredients, the company that was brought to life to bring you healthy sustainable ingredients & private label products to grow your business.

At Ketogenic Ingredients, we take the same principles with us: transparency, honesty and doing the right thing. Focusing on delivering sustainable health ingredients & private label solutions but then specifically aimed at customers in the Keto space.

Why the Keto space? Because Keto is booming and here to stay! It has become a well-known term in the nutrition & supplement industry. With people losing weight and fat (and keeping it off!), individuals feeling sharper and more clarity, and sports-minded people getting faster & stronger, keto has proven its impressive benefits. Read more about keto here.

Fitting this growth, our main markets are weight loss, brain health and sports nutrition. Based on these markets, we create convenient keto products making the diet fun and easy for your customer: the end consumer. All hand-in-hand with our customers and partners.

Together with ingredients and products, we are here to deliver inspiration in the form of market intelligence, consumer research, and science to help you position better. This, so we can impact as many individuals as possible to experience the keto benefits and let you succeed.

At Ketogenic Ingredients, we believe in the Ketogenic diet because it works, because we have tried it ourselves, because of the results we have seen. We are here to serve you with, what we believe, are winning ingredients & private labels options.  Read more about us and our team here.