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KetoCreamer is an emulsified formulation made from our PalmFreeMCT Oil and can serve as a liquid non-dairy coffee creamer that helps your customer to create Ketones. The product is based upon acacia fibers, pectin and contains 50% MCT oil! Our KetoCreamer delivers that creamy touch to your customer’s coffee, tea or other liquid application. It is the new tasty way of receiving energy from MCTs that is more effective than taking pure MCT oil.

Bioavailability & More

Science suggests that emulsified MCTs have improved fatty acid bioavailability with a factor 3 or more as compared to a regular, non-emulsified MCT oil. For dosages of 10 or 20g of MCT, this also led to much higher Ketone levels. Up to 3,6 fold higher, as compared to bulk oil. Interestingly enough, emulsification also showed to have less unwanted gastrointestinal side effects which may arrive when taking MCT oil.

KetoCreamer is a new and better way of taking MCTs

KetoCreamer is available with our Pure C8 oil or the C8C10 (6040) version. Currently available off-the-shelf in flavorless, vanilla, hazelnut and almond flavoring, packed in a 250ml PET bottle with temper evident closing.
KetoCreamer header

Replacing milk & sugar with energy

The amount of people that reduce their carb intake is rapidly growing, but does that mean they don’t like sweetness anymore? We don’t believe so!

Additionally, twenty percent of people now avoids dairy products or have become flexitarians! Among this target group, there is a high demand for vegan sweet treats that do not spike sugar or insulin levels, yet do give the sweet tooth that everyone craves for so now and then.

Our KetoCreamer covers all these needs. It gives that creamy sensation to hot drinks. It provides energy by creating ketones from the MCTs. Last but not least, it brings a light sweetness from stevia and a flavor from a (natural) flavoring.

Current flavors

Flavorless / Neutral also available. Ask us about the possibilities for your flavor idea!







Characteristics of our KetoCreamer


100% palm oil free, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free


Two different versions: pure C8 (caprylic) and C8C10 6040


Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly


Vanilla, Hazelnut, Almond or Neutral


Improved bioavailability compared to unemulsified MCT oil


Just pour into a favourite drink and ENJOY!

KetoCreamer and consumer groups

Whether your customer is experienced in Keto, a low-carb addict or simply wants to add a delicious (biohacker) product into their daily delight, our KetoCreamer will work for all of these consumer. The emulsion format of this product allows for more effective take up by the body, maximizing Ketone response. The liver effectively creates ketones from the MCTs. These ketones (other than glucose) pass the blood-brain barrier and are preferentially consumed by the brain for energy. Feel sharp!

Ease of use

On top of the improved bioavailability and great taste, you will not need a blender or other kitchen to make your coffee keto proof, it is really as easy as pour & go! The Ketone boosting effectiveness, taste, creaminess and ease-of-use make this product stand out in a market that is growing fast. After months of developing the right formulation, it is time to bring this product to Keto and Low carb markets. Will you be one of the firsts to offer it to your customers?

What our customers say about

This Product

This product is nowadays my way to go in coffees!


Commercial Assistant

I am loving these new creamers, I want all flavors!


Keto Fanatic

This product makes my morning routine so much more enjoyable and effective!



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