Endurance on keto

Keto Diet and Endurance

The keto diet initially became popular among individuals with weight loss goals. That being said, more interesting research shows up on how keto can be implemented to reach sport-related goals. From endurance athletes who break personal records to bodybuilders who build the leanest body mass and win competitions. If you want to read more about the ketogenic diet in general please visit this page

Keto for endurance athletes works, read further to find out how.

Keto and endurance

The implementation of the ketogenic diet for aerobic endurance sports has had an explosion in interest over the last few years. A growing number of athletes are trading their sugary sport gels for MCT gels or fat bars and for good reason. Didn’t we all grow up thinking that to “carb-up” and to consume sugars is the way to prevent running out of fuel and meeting the ‘Man with the Hammer’? Think again. Fast-forwarding to Today, the interest in keto for endurance athletes has grown, and both scientists as athletes are looking at fat as a nearly unlimited supply of energy.

Long-distance sports on carbs versus fat

When you follow a regular Western (high-carb) diet, your muscles can store up roughly 2000 calories from glucose in foods in the form of glycogen.

When you work out, your body uses the glucose as a fuel to perform since this is the fastest pathway at that moment.

When you run out, you need to replenish the glucose on time otherwise you will ‘hit a wall’.

VO2Max* increase Keto vs High Carb


Now let’s turn our attention to fats!

You body can store up about 45 times as many fat calories compared to carbohydrates. Fats are the body’s emergency fuel, so it only turns to these when carbohydrate supply is limited. An average person has about between 75,000 – 90,000 kilocalories stored as fat reserves in their body and the trick is to activate it!

Once in ketosis and burning fat for energy, there is no need to replenish fuel: there is almost an infinite energy supply. In addition, stored body fat is burned for energy, and not your muscles because of the protein-sparing effect of ketones. And maybe most important for endurance athletes: NOT HITTING A WALL during a race!

At the gym

Keto Diet & Sports Market Opportunities

Keto Diet & Sports Market Opportunities

The demand for keto sports supplements has increased tremendously, yet there are still not so many products available on the market. Sports enthusiasts that have gone keto are looking not for just any “keto product”, but products that are tasty, have a clean label and that are convenient.

Products that help build lean muscle mass, improve endurance performance and stimulate fat loss. We believe we are here to provide and develop formulas that work for your customers to help them achieve their sports goals. 

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