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Keto Diet and Muscle Building

Do you have customers who want the leanest body mass, look good and win competitions? Read further. Individuals looking to build muscle mass, are seeing incredible results with the ketogenic diet (yes, by eating more fat). General information about the Keto diet can be found here.

An average body builder will be focused on gaining muscle as quickly as possible. The combination of weight training and diet is usually done in 2 cycles.

1) Weight Gain period = increase muscle and fat
a. Heavy weight, Short reps, recovery 1-2min in between
b. Eat surplus of calories, High in Protein & Carbs. Mass gainer & protein shakes are common

2) Cut Phase = Lose the fat and lose some muscle
a. Weight training combined with Cardio
b. Very “dry” low fat meals, addition of protein shakes

These phases usually last anywhere from 8-12 weeks each and will indeed lead to building muscle. That being said, these phases can also create a fat layer in phase 1, usually around the waste and one that is not easy to get rid of.

Now take the Keto approach for muscle growth…

In Phase 1 you add your extra calories in the form of fats like MCT to create energy boosting ketones and in Phase 2 you adhere to a strict Keto diet. The result? Less fat mass build in Phase 1 and quicker and more fat loss in Phase 2, giving a year-on-year bigger muscle mass increase compared to a high-carb approach.

We know professionals who have used this effectively and have become bodybuilding champions and know fitness enthuastists who have seen their body transform. When will you guide your customers to the most effective food regime to build lean muscle mass?

Muscle building on keto

Keto Diet & Sports Market Opportunities

Keto Diet & Sports Market Opportunities

The demand for keto sports supplements has increased tremendously yet there are still not so many products available on the market. Sports enthusiasts that have gone keto are looking not for just any “keto product”, but products that are tasty, have a clean label and that are convenient.

Products that help build lean muscle mass, improve endurance and stimulate fat loss. We believe we are here to provide and develop formulas that work for your customers to help reach their goals.

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At Ketogenic Ingredients, we believe in the Ketogenic diet because it works, because we have tried it ourselves, because of the results we have seen. We are here to serve you with our line of winning ingredients & private labels options and look forward to work with you! Having great knowledge of the keto business and the science, we guide you throughout the process.