Instant Keto Latte

Instant Keto Latte™ 

Instant Keto Latte is a ready-to-use product made from only 4 clean ingredients with our Veganergy® MCT powder as the main ingredient. The other ingredients are instant coffee, stevia, and a (natural) flavor. Available in two versions (Pure C8 & C8C10 6040) and five different flavors namely chocolate, cookies & cream, amaretto, coconut or cappuccino.

We offer Instant Keto Latte in bulk and as Private Label.


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MCT coffee to help boost energy levels

We have developed a set of unique flavorful formulas to provide your customers with an energy boost from caffeine & MCTs, but without the sugar rush from a normal latte. In addition, the ease of use and flavor make it a product they will love, and a moment to enjoy! Just add (hot) water, mix and Go!

Characteristics of our Instant Keto Latte


100% palm oil free, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free


Only 4 ingredients: Veganergy® MCT powder, instant coffee, flavor, stevia


Two different versions: pure C8 (caprylic) and C8C10 6040


Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly


Five available flavors: chocolate, coconut, cookies & cream, amaretto or cappuccino


Free from dairy, silicon dioxide, glucose and maltodextrin


No glycemic reponse


Just add (HOT) water and enjoy

Convenient keto products for your end consumer

The demand for ketogenic proof products has been growing explosively worldwide over the last years. With this growing market and popularity among consumers, the requests for a wider range of keto products has become apparent.

Convenience and ready-to-use products become more important as keto is now entering the Early Majority phase of the market.

These end consumers drink high-fat keto coffees, need a Keto proof snack or shake on-the-go and have a firm desire to simplify the diet. We aim to make the ketogenic diet fun, effective, delicious, and easy to follow and the Instant Keto Latte fits perfectly within this concept.

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At Ketogenic Ingredients, we believe in the Ketogenic diet because it works, because we have tried it ourselves, because of the results we have seen. We are here to serve you with our line of winning ingredients & private labels options and look forward to work with you! Having great knowledge of the keto business and the science, we guide you throughout the process.