All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1

All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1

Busy end consumers want a ready-to-drink meal without needing to compromize on nutrients. Our All-in-one Keto Meal Shake is just what they need. The shake has a fat:protein ratio of 3:1 and a customizable fatty acid profile! A shake higher in Omega-3, -6, -7 or -9? We can help build the ratio you desire.

This meal shake only contains functional ingredients that fuel the body: It has MCTs, essential fatty acids, high-quality vegan proteins, natural-occuring fibers and 22 added vitamins & minerals (making up 20% of the RDI). Made with our own Veganergy® MCT powder (C8C10 6040 or Pure C8) and Avocado oil powder as the main ingredients.

In other words:

A delicious (meal) shake that saves consumers time and gives them new energy – without a sugar spike!

The All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1 is available in bulk and as Private Label in different types of packaging. Contact us now to hear more!

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On the go nutrient-dense vegan energy!

No time to meal prep? No worries! One serving of the All-in-one Keto Meal Shake provides around 400 kilocalories and a well-balanced profile of different fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins & minerals. Comparable to one small nutrient-dense keto meal. Just add 65 grams of this product to a shaker with water or a (vegan) type of milk, shake and consumers are ready to go. With 30 grams of nutritional fats per serving consumers will stay satisfied for hours to come.

No animal-based ingredients, no unnecessary preservatives or sugar. Currently we offer the following flavors: Vanilla Cinnamon, Salty Chocolate Hazelnut and Creamy Almond. More flavors can be developed upon request.

Serve your consumers with a convenient product so that they can experience the benefits of keto and the long-lasting energy of MCTs right away.

Current flavors

Ask us about the possibilities for your flavor idea!

Vanilla Cinnamon


Salty Chocolate Hazelnut

Creamy Almond


Characteristics of our All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1


100% palm free, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free


Fat:protein ratio of 3:1


Vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly


Customizable fatty acid profile with 30g fat per serving


Current 3 flavors: Vanilla Cinnamon, Salty Chocolate Hazelnut and Creamy Almond


Made with our PalmFree MCT Powder and Avocado Oil Powder


22 added vitamins & minerals (20% RDI)

Keto weight loss market:

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One of Today’s fastest growing product trends within the weight loss market, is the meal (replacement) drink. End consumers spend more time traveling and more time on the road in general, at least before COVID19 hit. With our All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1 there is no need to bring different types of keto snacks as all needed fuel is combined in one drink. This instant product makes fueling the body a breeze! Thanks to a balanced set of nutrients, pre-measured serving portions,  and different Private Label options we offer, this product is setting you up for success with your end consumers. 

This uniquely customizable All-in-one Keto Meal Shake 3:1 fits perfectly within the highfat/low carb, keto diet & weight loss market. Are you ready to support your consumers on their weight loss journey? Get in touch!

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