As a start to the new year, about 75% of the people intent to make New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight and eating healthy have almost always been the number one. Did you know that after 12 days, 92% of the people has already given up and falls back into their old habits? How nice would it be as a health brand to make it easier for end consumers to stay on track? Help your customers by offering (chocolate covered) MCT bars in 2023!


Indulgence snacking without the guilt

Ketogenic Ingredients focuses on bringing you low-carb Private Label products and oh do we have something for you! This may just be the perfect solution for your consumers, providing them a healthy, delicious and guilt-free snack. Our Chocolate Covered MCT Bars (just as our ‘naked’ MCT Keto bars) bring guilt-free indulgence in an easy way to end consumers. Therefore, it might be the best time to launch your chocolate covered bar next year! Let’s share more about how our newest bar could help you stand out in the market of healthy snacking in 2023 and beyond.


Stand out with your (chocolate covered) MCT bars!

One chocolate covered MCT bar is 40-60 grams and provides functional saturated fats. These come from our coconut-based MCTs that may support the body in creating quick energy in the form of ketones… and help burn fat! Your customers can implement this delicious vegan snack in their low carb / ketogenic diet. Because the bar is low in sugar and carbs. The combination of fibers and MCT fats keeps consumers satisfied for longer. As a result, dealing with all kinds of (unhealthy) temptations throughout the day becomes much easier. Our chocolate covered bar contains rice + pea protein to deliver a complete vegan amino acid profile. In addition, no unnecessary hidden ingredients and additives unlike some brands that claim to be healthy!

Since this newly launched bar is super tasty (but decide for yourself; get in touch for samples) and is covered in healthy vegan sugar-free chocolate, it will serve your customers with the ultimate guilt-free snack! The bars are conveniently packed in individual foils with 12-20 in a display box. In other words: they are easy to take anywhere per piece (or just a whole box ;): while shopping, traveling, or commuting, in the office, gym etcetera. Furthermore, this fully branded packaging makes it a product that can be launched both smoothly into retail as on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

The chocolate covered MCT bars are currently available in 5 delicious standard flavours: caramel, cherry, coconut, double chocolate, and peanut. They are lightly sweetened with erythritol and stevia yet are also delicious unsweetened. Are you already thinking about a completely different flavour profile or maybe some additional ingredient that fit as a glove with your brand? Get in touch with our development team for the possibilities.


Why now is the right time to launch your chocolate covered MCT bars

In summary, what makes it the right time to launch the bars in 2023? Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Perfect timing because of the New Year’s resolutions. Your customers will look for a healthy snack in this period and once they find one, keep buying it throughout the year. Our bars make the perfect fit!
  2. Fits within the vegan, keto, low-sugar, clean label AND low-carb trend with less than 3g of net carbs and 1,5g of sugar per bar. Plus an addition of 4 grams of MCT per bar. A combination that is still unique in the market.
  3. Customizable with a flavour profile, intensity of sweeteners and possible addition of other inclusions. So that you can launch your unique chocolate covered MCT bars!


Ready for the launch? Get in touch!

Are you ready to bring your own fully branded (chocolate covered) MCT bars to the market? Get in touch with us and our team will guide you throughout the whole process. From the recipe development up to picking the right type of packaging. Until you and your customers can proudly hold this groundbreaking snack in your hands!

Not completely sure if a chocolate layer is what your customers might be looking for? We also offer regular keto bars, customizable with flavours, inclusions and even toppings. For more information, click here to go to the product pagecheck out our brochure via this link or send us an email.